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Child Africa's School Projects

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Give Care and Education

We are a charity organization undertaking school projects to give poor East African children care and high quality education. By building our own schools based on charity donations and fund-raising, we will have good teachers, good food, good study content and teach the children to be self-sufficient. Many children will have to live at  school for a number of reasons. By giving a charity donation to support our school projects, your help will give many a poor child good learning conditions and facilities.

Classroom in Kabale

We need your charity donation to help finishing our school projects. Please have a look at our school donation list and find something you want to sponsor. If you want to dedicate some of your time helping us with fund-raising, please do so by contacting us.

Give a charity donation to sponsor our school project

What exactly does your charity donation sponsor?

A school consists of several parts with different costs. It is optional which part of a school you wish to give a charitable donation to. You can choose among different buildings, rooms and inventories.
What can you sponsor?

Our charity donation list shows people and organizations that have given a charitable donation to our school projects. When you give a charitable donation, your can chose if you want you name or your organization's name to  be shown on Child Africa's charity donation list.

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Child Africa children playing

Support our School Projects

Be part of giving poor children good school facilities by supporting our school projects. You can read more about the school projects below.
Give a charity donation to our school projects

School project no. 1:
A school which provides an education for deaf children in Kabale, Uganda

Our first school project was a primary school which also gave a group of  deaf children the chance of an education. This school is located in Kabale, 400 km from Kampala in Uganda. In the years to come; Child Africa is planning to offer some of the school places to children who have a hearing disability. Deaf children often become impatience and aggressive because of their inability to communicate with other children and adults. Sign language lessons for the teachers and all the other pupils will be part of the program. In this way, we aim to help eliminate many of the communication problems between the deaf children in the local communities around Child Africa schools.

Through charity donations, we intend to build and run our schools in Africa. Our school project will be based on charity donations and fund-raising.
Give a charity donation to our school projects

Give a charity donation to our school project

School project no. 2:
Equator in Uganda

We have build a simple school for over 350 children at the Equator The school is located only 75 kilometer from Kampala; the capital city in Uganda. This project is financed through charitable donations and fund-raising, and through a Norwegian telemarketing concept.

This school has now build a new nusary section and a dormetory for boys and girls too.

Give a charity donation to our school projects

Give a charity donation to our school project

School project no. 3:
Phase 1: Primary School in Kabale, Uganda

In this third project we will build a big school for 2,500 children (approx. 100 deaf children will also be included) at Kabale.We have bought a large plot for this purpose and plan to start building phase 1 in spring 2014. This school project is going to be financed mainly by  charitable donations and fund-raising.  Hopefully  people and companies from all over the world will donate towards items for the school or parts of the buildings through our website.
The sports field/play park was opened in February 2013 and is already in use. A road joins these to the school site.  

Give a charity donation to our school projects

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Water tank
Mboti school project in Kenya
Child Africa has taken on the task of restoring several parts of the Mboti School building. The region is extremely dry and water is scarce. Child Africa has already provided a water tank and water collecting system to help the school. The school's dream is to have their own well so that not only the school but also the local community will have water supplies.  
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Plot for school building
Education for Children with Hearing disabilities in Kabale, Uganda
Child Africa plans to give more deaf children who are dependent on sign language for communication, the possibility of going to school. 
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Renovation of school
Kiambere skoleprosjekt i Kenya
Child Africa has offered to restore many parts of Kiambere school; which will enable the teachers  to give quality education again.
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