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Mboti School in Kenya is a very poor school in a very dry area and located approx. 250 km northeast of Nairobi. In this region; lack of water is the biggest problem for local population. The school educates approximately two hundred children and consists of two long buildings without floors, windows or doors. The floors in the school consist of the same material as ground outside, dry sand. If it rains (which it very rarely does) everything turns to mud, inside the school. Child Africa has started to put a floor in the classroom as shown below.

Mboti skolen med og uten gulv

Admin byggIn order to improve the standard of the school Child Africa has installed windows and doors to prevent dust blowing into the classrooms. Conditions have improved significantly for the children and teachers, health wise and in terms of a good learning environment. Previously teachers had neither staff room nor a management space. Child Africa built a small warehouse and administration building for this purpose. In addition, funds are currently being raised to finance a kitchen and a dining area for the children, which they have not had previously.

Previously the roofs had no gutters to collect rainwater and the nearest water hole was located approx. 40 km from the school. Children had to walk all the way to the water hole to collect water. Child Africa has solved this problem by making gutters and installing four 10,000-litre water tanks. During the rain season in 2012; 40,000 litres of water were collected in the tanks and this will probably last until the next rainy period. This has already changed the lives of children radically, as they no longer have to walk 80 km to fetch water.

VanntankChild Africa hopes to raise enough money to fund drilling for water with the help of “Bistandshuset”, if this plan is realised then Child Africa will also be able to give the children´s families enough water for daily use. In this area water equals life. In this area, people die without water. Water deficiency also leads to poor hygiene and unnecessary disease that can be avoided. We need all the help we can get, so that daily life can be made easier for these poor children and their families.


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