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School for Children with hearing disabilities in

Kabale, Uganda

Skoletomt, KabaleIn the future, Child Africa plan to offer approximately 5 % of the places to children with hearing disabilities, many of these will be deaf children. Sign language lessons for the remaining 95 % of pupils and staff will insure full integration within the schools. Child Africa mean this can eliminate most of the children´s communication challenges. It is well documented that children with communication problems such as deaf children, are often impatient and aggressive. Such behavior creates an even greater challenge when it comes to integration within a local community.

The first class started in September 2007. A sign language teacher was employed to try out the planned project with a ten-year-old boy. The success of this resulted in another ten deaf children being part of every day life at the school in Kabale as from February 2008. The children are from the whole region therefore are boarders at school. in 2014 two of the deaf children educated by Child Africa qualified for places at vocational schools to learn a trade. Funding and capacity will regulate the number of deaf children who can be offered places. It is said that there are approximately 500.000 deaf people in Uganda, so the need for education for this disadvantaged group is great.

Child Africa seeks advice and work with Uganda National Association of the Deaf (UNAD). UNAD hold sign language course for Child Africa teaching and ancillary staff. The number of signing courses held by UNAD are restricted by funding.

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