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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

When you decide to sponsor a child, you're making a commitment to contribute a specific amount every month. To ensure the seamless covering of various expenses at the beginning of each term, we recommend opting for quarterly payments.

For children attending nursery school and primary school, a monthly fee of 32 Euros comprehensively covers day school expenses, essential school books, and meals. For many children who require residence at the school due to specific circumstances, a monthly cost of 64 Euros provides food, accommodation, and education.

Children enrolled in secondary school and vocational colleges have monthly fees of 64 Euros. If you're curious about whether the child you intend to sponsor will be a day pupil or boarder, please feel free to reach out to us for clarification.

How long is the commitment period for sponsorship?

When you choose to sponsor a child, your commitment is open-ended. We earnestly hope that you'll extend your support until your sponsored child completes their education, at the very least through primary school. Moreover, we encourage you to consider continuing your invaluable assistance as they progress through secondary school, high school, and even university. It's essential to note that your sponsorship is a voluntary commitment.

Should you ever wish to discontinue your support for any reason, you can easily manage your sponsorship by logging into our website as a sponsor. By navigating to "Account Management," you can stop the sponsorship with a simple click. We greatly value any feedback you'd like to share, either before or after making the decision to halt your sponsorship.

What are the payment methods available?
There are two ways to make payments:

  1. Online Credit Card: You can pay online using Visa or MasterCard. This method offers the flexibility to choose between monthly, quarterly, or manual payment intervals.
  2. International Money Transfer: Alternatively, you can initiate an international money transfer to the following details:

    Recipient: Child Africa International
    Address: Pb 410, 1502 Moss
    Bank IBAN (EUR): NO4542010924949
    SWIFT Address: SPTRNO22
    Bank Name: Sparbank1
    Bank Address: Carlbergveien, 1500 Moss, NORWAY
What can I expect of Yearly Feedback on My Sponsored Child

Throughout the course of a year, you can anticipate receiving the following updates about your sponsor child:

  1. School Reports: 3 times a year
  2. Letter from the Child: 1 letter
  3. Letter from the Child (if you choose not to correspond): 1 letter
  4. Family News Update: 1 update
  5. Child Africa Newsletters: 3 newsletters (issued at the end of each term)
  6. Photographs: 2 photographs of your sponsor child

Furthermore, should you choose to send your child a gift (whether a parcel or monetary contribution), you will also receive an additional photograph of your child alongside the gift, accompanied by a heartfelt thank you letter.

How will I Receive Feedback on My Sponsored Child?

The feedback regarding your sponsor child will be made available for your perusal on your dedicated sponsor webpage. Upon sponsoring a child, you will be provided with a unique sponsor ID and password that will grant you access to your personalized sponsor webpage. Through this platform, you can conveniently access the updates and information about your sponsored child.

Will I get notified about uploaded feedback on my sponsor webpage?

Absolutely, you'll receive an email notification whenever fresh information is uploaded onto your sponsor webpage.

Why do you collect my email and my phone number?

We require your email and phone number to ensure smooth communication. While we send notification emails concerning your sponsor child and payments, there are instances when emails bounce back or end up in spam folders. If a sponsor changes their email address or isn't receiving our emails through other means, we may attempt to reach out via phone. Rest assured, Child Africa's administration will only contact you when necessary. Kindly update your email address and phone number on your sponsor profile page for accurate communication.

Is my personal information secure?

bsolutely. We are committed to safeguarding your personal details and do not share them with any third parties. It's important to exercise caution and refrain from revealing or sharing your login information with others.

Please note that Child Africa does not retain any of your card details. We utilize a trusted payment service provider to ensure the highest level of security for all transactions.

How soon will I get a reply to my letter sent to my sponsor child?

Getting a reply from your sponsor child might take a few weeks, as we physically deliver messages to children residing in remote areas.

How can I contact the administration as a sponsor?

As a sponsor, you can easily communicate with the administration by utilizing the "Contact Admin" form found within your customer menu.

Can I send gifts to my sponsor child for Christmas or Birthday?

Absolutely! While please keep in mind that postage to Uganda might take several weeks. If you have queries about what items to purchase, any restrictions, or need more information, don't hesitate to reach out to the administration.

Remember to include your sponsor child's name and ID number on the parcel. If the parcel's value exceeds 50 US dollars, customs duties might be applicable. Once your child receives the gift, photos will be taken, and your child or family will send a thank you letter – both of which will be uploaded onto your sponsor webpage.

Postal Address:
Child Africa International
P.O.Box 22232

You can also send an additional amount or gift to your sponsor child from your customer page through the Send gift to my child option

Is it possible to sponsor more than one child?

Absolutely! You can sponsor as many children as you'd like.

What occurs if my sponsor child becomes ill?

If your sponsor child falls ill, we will promptly reach out to a local doctor in their area. They will receive the necessary treatment and medication.

What is the smallest donation I can make or contribute?

Your generosity is highly appreciated, and we welcome any amount you'd like to contribute. For general charity donation, a minimum of 10 Euros or more is accepted.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable support in providing African children with quality education and brighter futures!

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