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Child Africa Junior Schools: Empowering Futures Together

A child studying at Child Africa Jr. School

Child Africa Jr. Schools have been meticulously constructed and nurtured by the dedicated efforts of Child Africa Organization, steered by the visionary leadership of Julie Solberg and Chairmanship of Rino Solberg, alongside other adept team members. Together, their cohesive approach has been instrumental in achieving the primary objective.

Notably, Child Africa Junior School Kabale is situated within the Kabale district of western Uganda. This institution proudly ranks among the top three schools in the region, catering to students from diverse corners, encompassing Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi.

Child Africa Junior School | Equator

Child Africa Junior School Equator occupies a strategic location that straddles the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, residing in the equatorial [0° latitude] region. Positioned approximately 200 meters from the Kampala-Masaka Highway road, it stands on the left side when approaching Equator, en route to Masaka. The neighboring towns include NABUSANKE from Kampala and KAYABWE from the Equator. The school falls under the jurisdiction of Kalagala Kikutuzi's local council 1 [LC1].

Graduates from Child Africa Junior School

Solberg College | Kabale

Students of Solberg College

Nestled upon Rutooma Hill within Kabale Municipality's Central Division, Solberg College stands as a beacon of global-minded education in Uganda. As an institution under the stewardship of Child Africa International, it bears full registration with the Ministry of Education and Sports. Commencing its journey in 2018, Solberg College caters to both genders and offers both day and boarding options for both A and O levels.

At the heart of its mission, Solberg College is dedicated to fostering well-rounded individuals, placing student well-being at the forefront. The school boasts a comprehensively stocked reading library that caters to various study areas and subjects, ensuring students have access to a rich repository of knowledge during their academic journey.

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Our Success Stories

Graduated from university

Our primary objectives and success stories stem from our commitment to supporting underprivileged children, including those with hearing impairment, in accessing education and essential necessities. By equipping these children with life and leadership skills, and fostering education for healthy, productive, and responsible lives, we realize our achievements.

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