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Key People

About Us in Child Africa

We are a non-profit organization, since 1991 dedicated to help disadvantaged children in East Africa to enhance their lives through education. With support from sponsor parents we help hundreds of children in Uganda, Africa, with food, clothing, medicine, education and sometimes even homes. With support from sponsor parents around the world, we hope we will help many thousands of children in the years to come.

If you receive a call from a lady called Hunley Smith (or others) about buying land in East Africa, that it is an attempt of FRAUD and has nothing to do with Child Africa. PLEASE BE AWARE!

Child Africa Charity Organization Staff

Julie Solberg
Julie Solberg
Founder and Managing Director

Julie Solberg is a successful business woman as well as in the fulfillment of her dreams. She has managed different companies in Africa over the years and is now at the helm of Child Africa charity organization in Uganda and Kenya. It is during her frequent trips to Africa that she started visualizing her mission - a burning desire to help the children of this continent. Her vision became reality in 1991 when she and her husband Rino founded "Solberg Children's Help Organization", now renamed Child Africa and registered as a non-profit organization. In Child Africa Julie can perform the work that touches her heart the most - giving unfortunate children the key to a brighter future through education.

Julie’s simple message to you:
"It takes so little to reach out and touch the soul of a child. So if you are reading about us right now, just reach out your hand and touch one tiny soul."

Rino Solberg
Rino Solberg
Founder and Chairman

Rino Solberg is the chairman of the Better Globe Group with a goal to eradicate poverty through;

  • planting huge numbers of trees in Africa
  • giving poor farmers microcredit so they are able to be self sustained
  • helping poor children to get an education through Child Africa

Rino is a successful trainer/speaker, business consultant and an international entrepreneur who has built businesses in many countries. He is also an author of eight books in the areas of "personal development" and "human relations" and has produced several training courses within the same areas. His main interest is to "help people help themselves", and this is also the main purpose of the child charity organization, Child Africa. Julie and Rino Solberg live and work in Uganda and Norway.

Sabilla Sanger Khan
Sabilla Sanger Khan

Sabilla Sanger Khan is Sponsorship Administrator in head office, Kampala; coordinating sponsorship procedures between head office and the centres which monitor and have "hands on" contact with the children. She has worked with Julie and Rino Solberg, since  they founded the "Solberg Children Help Organization", which is now known as Child Africa International. She worked as a volunteer for twelve years before becoming a full time member of Child Africa staff. During her period as a volunteer; both she and her husband Firoz Khan visited children, their homes, their schools and communicated with school administrators. Sabilla has a broad knowledge of the Ugandan educational system. 

Today, Sabilla assists in the day to day running of the Child Africa head office in Uganda and works  with Rosemary Søyland in Norway on a daily basis. She also coordinates the sponsor and sponsor child communication website system.

Sabilla's knowledge and understanding of Child Africa through her many years of hard work, makes her a highly valued member of the administration team.

Wilson Wanyama
Wilson Wanyama
National Program Director, Child Africa

Wilson Wanyama joined Child Africa in August 2013 having previously served with both local and international development organizations and consulting firms. He brought with him a wealth of NGO and program management experience.

He is a highly motivated professional, result oriented with experience in business processes and logistics, Humanitarian and Disaster Management, child sponsorship ministry, project management, supervision, coordination and implementation.

Wilson is an innovative change agent and fights for the rights of the child. Through work experience and exposure, he has developed a commitment to help people and organizations to reach to their best potentials.

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