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Empower a disadvantaged child with care and education through our charitable organization.

Sponsoring a child with Child Africa goes beyond financial support; it's an investment in a brighter future. Your contribution provides not only education but also hope, opportunity, and the tools for children to break the cycle of poverty. With your sponsorship, these young minds are nurtured, equipped, and empowered to become change-makers in their communities. Join us in making a lasting impact on these children's lives, helping them thrive and achieve their dreams.

Essential Information

For a child fortunate enough to reside at home, a commitment of 32 Euros per month provides them with nourishment, care, education, and two daily meals. Alternatively, for children requiring boarding during terms, the cost is 64 Euros per month, encompassing four daily meals and boarding expenses. Senior school pupils are all enrolled in boarding schools. Should you opt to support your sponsor child through university, the sponsor fee generally amounts to 96 Euros per month.

Please be aware that the images of these children were captured during registration. If a child has been unsponsored for an extended period or has lost a sponsor, they may have grown, and the initial registration image may not accurately reflect their current appearance. Upon becoming a sponsor, you'll receive updated pictures. It's important to note that not all children attend Child Africa's schools, as some who live farther away may be assisted in attending their local schools. Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to inquire about whether the child would attend a Child Africa school.

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