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Who we are

Child Africa logo We are a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to assisting underprivileged children in East Africa through education since 1991. With the backing of sponsor parents, we have been able to support numerous children in Uganda, Africa, providing them with essentials like food, clothing, medicine, education, and even homes. Thanks to the support of sponsor parents worldwide, we aspire to extend our aid to thousands more children in the years ahead. Your contribution to our charitable organization, directed towards a specific area of your choice, can make a significant difference.

Our child-focused charity initiative has been actively providing aid in Uganda since 1991. In 2008, we expanded our charitable efforts to include school construction in Kenya. By consistently enhancing Child Africa schools, we ensure that hundreds of economically disadvantaged East African children receive proper care and a high-quality education.

Our beginning

Child Africa history

History of Child Africa

The inception of Child Africa traces back to Julie Solberg's aspiration to aid children in Africa, a dream that materialized into the NGO it is today. Julie grew up in Uganda, but moved to Norway at later age, where she met her husband Rino Solberg.Following their sponsorship of around 10 children in Uganda over a period, Julie and Rino Solberg concluded that involving their extended family and friends would enable them to create a more profound impact and extend assistance to a larger number of children. In 1991,...
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Child Africa mission

Learn about Our Mission

Since 1991, our dedicated non-profit organization has remained steadfast in its mission to uplift underprivileged children in East Africa through the transformative power of education. Through the assistance of sponsor parents, we provide essential support to hundreds of children in Uganda, Africa, encompassing necessities like food, clothing, medicine, education, and occasionally even homes. With the collaboration of sponsor parents worldwide, our aim is to extend our impact to assist many more children...
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Child Africa, happy children
Child Africa providing care and education

Providing Care and Education for Impoverished Children

In East Africa, poverty and the impact of AIDS leave countless children orphaned and vulnerable. Your donation or sponsorship plays a crucial role in providing care and education to these disadvantaged youth. Our organization is dedicated to efficiently delivering assistance, and we believe education is the key to combating both poverty and corruption. This is why education remains our top priority – it's a beacon of change that empowers future generations. Your involvement symbolizes hope and commitment to transforming lives and communities. Together, we're sowing the seeds of progress toward a brighter future.
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Child Africa providing care and education
Child Africa mission

Innovative Child Sponsorship Approach

A multitude of underprivileged children are currently on our sponsorship list, eagerly awaiting support. The child you opt to sponsor will exclusively be under your care, and you'll have the opportunity to track their educational progress through:

  • Correspondance using our online messaging platform
  • Periodically newsletters
  • Regular updates
  • Images
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Empower Child Africa's Future

Your compassion drives transformative initiatives, providing educational materials, medical supplies, uniforms, boarding facilities, classrooms, hygiene amenities, textbooks, and specialized equipment for deaf children. Your support also covers vital administrative costs. Join us in shaping a brighter future.
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Comprehensive Post-Secondary Education for Child Africa Graduates

Once secondary school is completed, the children supported by Child Africa embark on an educational journey encompassing crucial subjects such as integrity and positive thinking. They also delve into the realms of goal setting, self-confidence building, and enhancing human relations. Learning success principles, nurturing entrepreneurial skills, and mastering techniques for job selection and acquisition are integral parts of their continued education.

Past Events

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Dancing child
Child dancing during function of Child Africa
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Happy child
Happy moment for child during school session
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Julie Solberg with kids
Julie Solberg's happy moment with kids at school
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Graduation ceremony
One of Child Africa pioneer students during his graduation ceremony

Our Schools

Child Africa Juniour Schools Solberg College

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