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About Child Africa

Vision and values

To help millions of children get quality education and teach Honesty and Integrity as a tool to fight poverty and corruption.

To guide, encourage and inspire the children of Africa to be champions of integrity in order to eradicate corruption.

Honesty and integrity, hard work, going the extra mile, respect for diversity, fairness, Equity and Justice, solidarity with the poor, respect for the rights of children, team work. 

To support disadvantaged children in East Africa to enhance their lives through education.

To realize the above vision, mission and goal, Child Africa will be guided by the following objectives:

  • To support less privileged children, including those with hearing impairment, to access education and other basic needs.
  • To equip less privileged children with life and leadership skills and educate them to have healthy, productive and responsible lives.
  • To create opportunities for less privileged children to access self or gainful employment.
  • To improve the socio-economic status (reducing poverty) of the families of children benefiting from the Child Africa supported programmes.


  • Recruit and link sponsors to children through the Child Africa website.
  • Build and run nursery, primary, secondary and vocational schools in East Africa.
  • Support other organizations of similar nature to promote education.
  • Distribute copies of free children’s magazine( Bingwa) to schools in Africa.
  • To strengthen local and international partnership so as to build a strong resource base for program sustainability.


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