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Claris Niwebyoona

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Claris Niwebyoona

does not have a sponsor. By sponsoring this child, you will give this child a proper education and food, also clothing and medical help if necessary. We encourage you to pay every 3 months as school fees are paid at the beginning of each term and all school provisions have to be purchased at the beginning of each term.

First Name: Claris Click here to see more information or to sponsor this child
Last Name: Niwebyoona
Gender: Girl
Born: 8/28/2007 (10 years old)
Place: Kabale, UGANDA
School: Child Africa Junior School - Kabale
Class: p.3
Information: Claris is the 3rd born in a family of 5 children. She lost her parents at a very young age and now she is staying with a well wisher who is quite needy and is failing to raise school fees for Claris. Claris needs support to stay in school.
School fee:

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