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Shuquran Badoti Kibengo

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Shuquran Badoti Kibengo

does not have a sponsor. By sponsoring this child, you will give this child a proper education and food, also clothing and medical help if necessary. We encourage you to pay every 3 months as school fees are paid at the beginning of each term and all school provisions have to be purchased at the beginning of each term.

First Name: Shuquran Badoti Click here to see more information or to sponsor this child
Last Name: Kibengo
Gender: Boy
Born: 7/15/2008 (10 years old)
Place: Kampala, UGANDA
School: Kansanga Junior Primary School
Class: P.4
Information: Shuquran lives with his parents and siblings in Kampala. His father carries heavy materials for a builder and is the sole supporter for his own family and in addition he is responsible for his six of his own siblings after the death of his father. Shuquran´s parents are unable to earn enough money to pay for an education for him. Can you give him an education and a brighter future?
School fee:

Remember! As the first charity organization in the world, we can offer you a whole new system of communication with this child. This gives you more control of how your money is being spent and it also gives you a more personal relation to the child (and other children if you want to sponsor more than one). Please note that your sponsor money goes to the children. Administrative costs are covered from other sources.

Shuquran Badoti is waiting for you!

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